Building "Longstone"

Building Longstone (21st layout)

Two buildings for the "village" board.
The exhibition layout in Gn15 scale was a much larger affair.  Measuring 7ft 6" x 3ft 3" it was built on four baseboards, two being placed back-to-back with a back scene board between them, and two placed transversely at each end.  This width would give me the space to use 12" radius curves as planned-for.
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The underside of the layout showing the four boards built of 9mm and 6mm ply wood. The two back-to-back base boards are suspended between the end boards which have the built-in support legs.
There are scenes on three of the boards, with the fourth being used as a fiddle-yard.  Therefore, the layout will be viewed on three sides.  The scenes are a village scene, a rocky moorland area with "gill" and a bridge over a stream, and a woollen mill.
The top of the boards showing the position of the various scenic elements.  The back scene boards separate the di…

Photospot 7 - The next new stock for Longstone

A few photos of the next lot of new stock.
Loco No. 3, a new Smallbrook Studio "Pierrot"kit, to resemble a tiny Hunslet, and named "Triton".

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The bogie coach was found to be too large, so was completely dismantled and re-built slightly smaller.  This is a peek inside the shed when the main body had been altered.
The re-built coach is drawn out of the shed.
Undergoing work on one of the two new four-wheeled coaches.
The two completed vehicles.   These and the bogie coach were made with Wills Tongue & Groove Boarding, and Sheet and Batten Roofing sheets mounted onto Plastruct angle frames.  The bogie coach runs on a Lima "00" scale PTA wagon chassis and the 4-wheeled coaches run on Dapol "00" 10ft wagon chassis.
Eventually, eight Sidelines Bulkhead Flat wagons were added to the goods stock for the Mill.
More Sidelines kits, a Goods Van and Tank wagon.

This tool chest wagon is by an unknown manufacturer (to me).
Two of these S…

Longstone Maintenance Shed

Longstone Maintenance Shed - 2016 (20th layout)
Loco No.1 "Proteus" brings in two four wheeled coaches at the end of the day.
The trial Gn15 layout was in the form of an operational diorama of a "maintenance shed" or running shed.  The layout was on a 40" x 12" baseboard intended for a 009 scale layout, but it would give my wife and I experience in the new scale with new materials and techniques.  
The baseboard and track showing the two sidings to the shed and the tiny single track hidden fiddle yard area.
The track was Peco Streamline 0-16.5, but I had to use standard "00 Setrack" compact turnouts to get the sidings into the shed building.  This didn't bother me as just about all the sleepers would be covered by ground cover.
The ground cover base being applied, it is a mix of sawdust, p.v.a., grey-brown acrylic paint and advanced lightweight filler.
The second building, an engineers office made with coffee-stirrers glued onto foam board with…